What does my Tow-Pro LED colour mean?


REDARC Brake Controller Flashing: Normal Operation

The Tow-Pro™ Elite and Tow-Pro™ Classic are REDARC electric brake controllers with sophisticated warning systems. If your REDARC brake controller is flashing, it could indicate a fault, however some flashing of the LED indicator is normal. The table below shows how the Tow-Pro™ will indicate normal operation of the unit.

NOTE: LEDs will glow full at brightness when the remote head control knob is adjusted or manual override is pressed. After release of the gain control knob the LED brightness will reduce - this is designed to be less intrusive on driver’s vision at night.

REDARC Brake Controller Flashing: Fault Codes

The Tow-Pro™ features sophisticated diagnostics to warn the operator of faults in the vehicle and trailer brake wiring. Wiring faults are indicated by a series of colour coded flash patterns on the Tow-Pro™ LED.

Most faults turn out to be something simple such as a poor connection from a dirty trailer socket. However, a fault indication should not be ignored! It is a warning; if left unattended such wiring faults can become worse and may lead to deterioration or loss of trailer braking.

Please refer to the table for the list of flash patterns, showing the cause and recommended course of action for each of the conditions which may be detected.

Even intermittent faults are detected and may be indicated until cleared. Most fault codes can be cleared by unplugging the trailer for 1 minute then reconnecting.


Why is the blue light flashing on my Redarc tow pro?

The Tow-Pro™ Elite will calibrate as you brake. Each time you brake the unit will monitor and record its direction of travel. The Blue flash will get longer as the unit calibrates until the unit has determined its direction of travel and the LED is solid blue whilst driving and a shade of red when the brake is applied. Learn more: Why is the Tow-Pro Elite Flashing Blue and Green?

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