How to power your Manager30 from a DC output generator

Generators come in both DC and 240VAC output variations and the Manager battery management system is capable of handling both as it has both a DC (vehicle) and a mains power input. When using a DC output generator however, the installation requires the use of a battery to “buffer” the incoming generator power.

The relatively slow response of a generator to load changes, combined with the rapid response of the Manager to voltage changes can result in oscillations that significantly degrade the performance of the system. By connecting a battery across the Manager input, the input voltage is largely stabilised by the battery, eliminating the oscillations and allowing the system to perform at its best.

A battery of at least 40Ah is recommended.

The same would occur in a vehicle setup if attempting to take power directly from the alternator without a battery connected.

Fortunately, in a vehicle setup you will always have your start battery connected.

As outlined in the Manager30 manuals, the Manager DC input must always be connected to a battery as the DC input.