52mm Gaguges: FAQs & How To Install

The centre black circle on gauge is flashing intermittently - what does this indicate?

If the black centre circle is flashing and the gauge sounds an alarm, the gauge may have been programmed to trigger a relay, but a relay is not detected. Check the relay connection or reprogram as required. If no relay output is required refer to setup mode 12 and select ‘nc’.

I cannot get the relay output feature to work (for G52-VA & G52-VVA only)

The G52-VA and G52-VVA gauges are not equipped with a relay output feature. All other gauges within the range include this feature.

Can I re-program the alert levels on my voltage gauge? (For G52-VA & G52-VVA only)

No - the alert levels are programmed when manufactured. The G52-VA will trigger at 9 & 16V and the G52-VVA at 11 & 16V.

I cannot get the 'peak hold' feature to work (For G52-VA & G52-VVA only)

The G52-VA and G52-VVA gauges are not equipped with the peak hold feature. All other gauges within the range include this feature.

What is the 'peak hold' (PH) feature? (For all gauges except G52-VA & G52-VVA)

When the gauge’s push button is pressed, the needle pointer(s) and/or digital display will show the highest/peak reading recorded for the function being monitored. The peak measurement will reset when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off.

Do I need to purchase the optional sensor for my gauge to work?

No, the standard features of the gauge will still work.

What is the P-clip used for?

Attaching the P-clip to the back of the gauge ensures that the connectors are strongly fixed to the gauge, thereby minimising the risk that they may come loose or damaged during installation and/ or rough driving conditions.

Is the gauge compatible with my existing vehicle sensors or other sensors available in the market?

The gauge has only been designed to work with the sensors supplied with / sold by REDARC.

What is the best mounting solution for my gauge?

REDARC offers a range of mounting panels and a mounting cup for its gauge range. Please ensure that fitment of your gauge does not impede on your driving field of view or create a head impact hazard.

Should I enclose the wiring harnesses in conduit?

REDARC recommends enclosing the supplied wiring harnesses in a suitable conduit that will protect the wiring against sharp edges and/ or extreme temperatures.

Where should I install the black push button?

In most cases, once the gauge is set up and programmed the push button can be hidden behind the vehicle’s instrument dash panel. However, if you believe that you may need to regularly change any of the modes or wish to use the peak hold feature you should mount the push button in an accessible area (e.g. at the back of the mounting cup).

Can I fit my gauge to a 24V vehicle circuit?

The gauge requires 12V to operate. A 24V to 12V adaptor is available for purchase (i.e.P/NGA-2412V).This can be purchased for all gauges. Please note the G52-VA and G52-VVA will only allow you to monitor the voltage of 12V sources.

My gauge is too bright when driving at night.

You will need to purchase an Enhanced Lighting Controller (i.e. GA-ELC). This module is to be used:

  • When you do not have a dimming circuit you can connect your gauges to.
  • If you are using REDARC Gauges for all of your instrumentation so require dimming
  • The dimming circuit in your vehicle does not dim the REDARC gauges to your liking.

The GA-ELC allows you to program the night time brightness and colour of your gauges, including dimming if connected to a dash dimmer (i.e. once programmed your gauge(s) will change colour when turning on your park lights and back to a day light colour when you turn them off). You only require one ELC for a complete set of gauges. It can be used in conjunction with the 24 volt adaptor (GA-2412V) for a 24 volt system (ELC module is 24v capable).