How to reconfigure a RedVision system

So, you’ve programmed your new RedVision system, or you’ve been using one that the installer has programmed before you had the chance to play with it. Now you have been using it for a little while, there are a couple of things you want changed such a new icon used for a channel, you might want your home screen arrangement to appear differently, or you might have even added a new accessory to your setup.

Changing your configuration can seem like a daunting task, but following the steps on pages 25-34 of the Instruction Manual, and watching the REDARC Configurator App Instructional Video can be of great assistance.

The basic steps to changing a configuration are outlined below.

  1. Download the REDARC RedVision Configurator App from your device's appropriate App Store
  2. Ensure the RedVision Configurator App has location services enabled in the phone settings. (Hint: The App location services as well as your devices location services are required in order for this system to operate correctly)
  3. On your RedVision Display, navigate to the settings menu by scrolling left as far as you can, and then up or down until you reach Display Settings
  4. Press the lower left soft key next to the Bluetooth icon, this will then advertise your REDARC DISP4300 for Bluetooth connections
  5. Open your RedVision Configurator App and select your DISP4300 when it appears under “Choose System”. You may be prompted to enter a passcode – this will be displayed on your RedVision Display at this time
  6. The next process will be automatic, as the App now connects to your RedVision Display and downloads the existing configuration. When it has finished downloading the configuration, it will display multiple options as mentioned in the instructions linked above, and have an editable “Configuration Name” field at the top of your screen. You can now carry out the changes to your configuration as required
  7. Once all your changes have been made click back until you reach the page with the Configuration Name at the top. Press program at the bottom of your device’s screen. If prompted to choose system again simply select your REDARC DISP4300
  8. The app will then connect to your RedVision Display and reconfigure it with the changes you implemented. When it has finished programming, a success message will be displayed and the RedVision Display will reset.