REDARC Electronics have now completed their first Column Grid Array (CGA)  PCB assembly trials at their Lonsdale facility.


This new capability has been made possible with the Vacuum Vapour Phase soldering oven (the Asscon VP7000) from SUBA Engineering, who specialises in production solutions for the Electronics Manufacturing and Wire Processing Industry. This is the first instance of this capability being used in Australia.


REDARC now offer PCB assembly with a range of CGA packages that offer stronger, more reliable connections than BGA (Ball Grid Array) IC packages.

Column Grid ArrayColumn Grid Array

The CGA package results in a greater component-to-board standoff distance, which can absorb greater Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) mismatches between the board and component during wide temperature variations in the field. These improved thermal characteristics substantially increase the thermal fatigue life of the package’s solder joints, as CTE mismatch and thermal cycling of the product is a leading cause of failed solder joints.


The use of CGA packages is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to BGA packages, where very high-density interconnections and higher board-level reliability is a requirement.


Key applications for CGA technology are in industries where reliability is paramount - and failure is not an option - industries such as defence, aerospace and medical.


REDARC has established a reputation as a reliable on-time, quality advanced electronics manufacturer that has given us a track record of repeat customers.