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REDARC launches new BCDC Core

REDARC is excited to launch the new BCDC Core range of in-cabin DC to DC chargers. Available in 25A and 40A variants, the BCDC Core is the perfect DC to DC charging solution for in-cabin, canopy, or battery box setups where dust and weatherproofing isn’t required.

REDARC launches GoBlock PowerDock

REDARC is excited to launch the GoBlock’s newest accessory, the PowerDock charging system.

REDARC launches new solar blankets

REDARC is excited to launch their new range of ultra-portable monocrystalline solar blankets.

REDARC launches world’s first compact portable dual battery system with ultrafast charging while you drive

Encompassing the 4WD, marine and outdoor recreational vehicle markets, REDARC's GoBlock® can be used in a variety of applications that demand remote, vehicle and solar rechargeable portable power.