REDARC Defence Systems to partner with Abaco Systems

REDARC Defence Systems is pleased to enter into a partnership with Abaco Systems, Inc. The partnership will allow both companies to further align with the needs of the growing Australian defence sector for rugged embedded computing applications. Each company brings complementary strengths and capabilities to the military aerospace (Mil Aero) market.

Abaco’s head office is based in Huntsville, Alabama in the United States. With more than 30 years’ experience, Abaco Systems is a global leader in open architecture computing and electronic systems. They provide advanced rugged embedded computing solutions and is known as a global leader in open architecture computing and electronic systems for aerospace, defence, and industrial applications.

REDARC Defence Systems (REDARC), based in South Australia, was formed in 2019 from REDARC Electronics to service the growing Australian and global defence markets. For 40 years REDARC have designed and manufactured advanced electronics equipment including power conversion, battery health and usage monitoring, towed vehicle brake controllers and sensing, as well as, control and power distribution. REDARC is dedicated to performance and maintaining quality as key approaches to its business model. REDARC and Abaco Systems are each uniquely committed to innovation – making a partnership ideal.

The decision to move forward with a strategic partnership came after introductions were made by Team Defence Australia at Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI 2019). REDARC and Abaco have since positioned the partnership to align with Australian government requirements and drive Australian sales in major defence programs leveraging the Abaco global sales team.

REDARC and Abaco Systems will collaborate on multiple emerging Australian opportunities, including LAND400, Air6500, Plan Jericho, Loyal Wingman and others. Both teams have complimentary capabilities in rugged embedded hardware manufacturing, integration, global supply chain, and logistics, along with deep expertise in Australian industries. This optimum mix of portfolio and capabilities will enable modernisation of Australian defence programs across all domains, while positioning for emerging technologies and programs such as hypersonics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and directed energy.

Anthony Kittel, Managing Director REDARC said, "The partnership with Abaco Systems is the next step for REDARC being able to offer ruggedised embedded computing application capabilities in Australia for our local defence customers. A real benefit is that this relationship is mutual with REDARC drawing on Abaco’s expertise to secure contracts on Australian programs and Abaco using REDARC's advanced manufacturing and supply chain to broaden its capabilities in Australia. I would like to thank the staff at Team Defence Australia for once again assisting REDARC in growing our defence footprint.”

John Muller, Chief Growth Officer, Abaco Systems, Inc., said, “With a matching commitment to innovation, this partnership will provide opportunities to utilise each organisation's expertise in defined markets for common benefits. Abaco is pleased to work closely with REDARC to drive home opportunities throughout Australia and into other global markets.”

About REDARC Defence Systems

REDARC Defence Systems is part of the REDARC Group with 40 years' experience in advanced electronic design and manufacturing for defence, automotive, marine, medical, mining and industrial applications. We supply battery monitoring and power management solutions to defence platforms globally and our capabilities in innovation and R&D coupled with our advanced manufacturing and testing facilities position us to tailor solutions for specific defence requirements.

About Abaco Systems

With more than 30 years’ experience, Abaco Systems is a global leader in open architecture computing and electronic systems for aerospace, defence and industrial applications. We create innovative, modular solutions based on open standards that are characterised by outstanding price/performance, ultimate rugged reliability, and minimal SWaP. Our goal is to be a significant contributor to our customers’ success, partnering with them to reduce cost, time-to-deployment and risk and supporting them over the long term. With an active presence in hundreds of national asset platforms on land, sea and in the air, Abaco Systems is trusted where it matters most.