REDARC launches new all-in-one power system

REDARC Electronics are thrilled to announce the launch of their all-new Integrated Power System. This all-encompassing system brings together REDARC’s trusted power devices into a single, compact, all-in-one solution delivering reliable canopy power. 

Featuring our advanced 2000W RS3 inverter, the system can power a wide range of equipment, from induction cooktops to power tools, with ease. Additionally, the inclusion of the Manager30 and the Revision display delivers efficient battery management and monitoring. 

Designed with simplicity in mind, the system arrives fully assembled, pre-wired, and mounted on a robust, powder-coated metal frame. Installation is as easy as it gets - just mount it, connect your batteries and you’re ready to go in minutes. 

Proudly assembled and wired in Australia, the REDARC Integrated Power System is built to withstand the rigors of adventure, it’s all about power, performance, and peace of mind. REDARC’s New Product Development Product Manager Jaidan Watson says one of the goals was empower road travelers everywhere. 

“We wanted to improve our customers’ experience by providing a compact all-in-one solution that reduces the complexities of wiring, empowering even the busiest adventure-seekers allowing them to hit the road with ease and confidence, knowing they’re backed by the reliability they expect from REDARC.” 

The power system won’t hog your canopy space being up to 34% more compact than comparable units, leaving room for adventure essentials. The system seamlessly integrates into vehicle canopies and offers a streamlined power experience, making it the ultimate power companion for remote travel. 

Like all REDARC products, the new Integrated Power System is backed by nation-wide support, including a hassle-free warranty, REDNetwork certified installer network and after-sales service to answer any questions. 

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