REDARC sponsors Dr Paul Collier Scholarship



AUGUST 20, 2013 12:01AM

LONSDALE electronics manufacturer Redarc has thrown its support behind giving people with disabilities and disability sector workers a fair go at leadership.
Redarc will sponsor the Dr Paul Collier scholarship set up through the Leaders Institute of South Australia in honour of the former Dignity for Disability founder who passed away in 2010.

Potential leaders with disabilities or disability sector workers can use to the scholarship, valued at $11,500, to undertake LISA's 10-month Governors Leadership Foundation program (GLF).

Redarc managing director Anthony Kittel and the late Dr Collier graduated from the 2009 GLF program.

The GLF program inspired Dr Collier to set up D4D, LISA chief executive Niki Vincent said.

"The scholarship in his honour is the culmination of efforts by a number of GLF graduates, including Kylie Walsh and Anthony Kittel who wanted to set something up to celebrate his extraordinary achievements," she said.

"Paul was a true leader, contributing to his community and making the most of every experience despite being quadriplegic after an accident in his 20s."

Redarc will sponsor the scholarship for two years with applications for next year's GLF program closing on September 9.

Mr Kittel, who has grown the power conversion products and battery charging systems business into a $22 million venture, credits the GLF experience with putting the "fire in my belly".

He has also taken that transformational experience to his diversified workforce of 95 at

Lonsdale, including running a literacy and numeracy program for younger employees and supporting staff that want to undertake skills training.

"Paul and I were in the same study group for the GLF program so there were formal and informal meetings.

"It was inspirational to watch him work with his disability and not let it get in his way.

"I believe and support equality and looking after everyone in the workplace and this is one way to achieve that," Mr Kittel said.

The Dr Paul Collier scholarship adds to the nine other full or part scholarships available to GLF participants.

A full list and eligibility criteria can be accessed on LISA's website