REDARC wins Innovation Award at the CCIASA

South Australian-based advanced manufacturing company REDARC Electronics are pleased to be winners of The Innovation Award for the 2016 Caravan and Camping Industries Association of South Australia (CCIASA) inaugural Gala Awards Dinner, which was held over the weekend.


The CCIASA is a broad-based Trade organisation made up of retailers, manufactures, hirers, service providers, repairers and supplies predominately aligned with business in or closely related to the outdoor leisure industry.


David Duncan, Chief Executive Officer of the CCIASA said The Dinner is a celebration of the industry.


“It acknowledges leading individuals and organisations that have achieved significant outcomes for themselves and the broader South Australian Caravan and Camping Trades Industries”, he stated.


REDARC has been supplying the Caravan and Camping Industry as far back as 1989 with their first brake controller. Since then REDARC have released a range of auxiliary charging solutions and brake controllers with continuous improvements and innovative upgrades.


Out of the four awards on the night, REDARC was awarded the Innovation Award for its submission of the Tow-Pro Elite. The Innovation Award recognises innovation that creates significant advancement and improvement within the South Australian & Camping Trades Industry. It is awarded to a business or individual that has thought ‘outside the box’.


In 2014, REDARC launched the Tow-Pro, the first and only electric brake controller to offer two types of braking in the one model. In 2015, the bar was raised with the launch of the next generation Tow-Pro Elite which included a number of features never seen before in the market.  


Marketing Manager, Tennille Reed, who accepted the award on behalf of Managing Director, Anthony Kittel and the entire team at REDARC, stated that the Tow-Pro Elite had been designed with both the installer and end-user in mind and required significant investment in the development and implementation of manufacturing and assembly processes.


“Innovation is at the heart of what we do at REDARC and being ahead of the curve has been instrumental to our success and the success of Tow-Pro.


By using a cross-functional team approach to product development we were able to deliver a high quality, innovative product to the market”, she said.


On the night, she noted that manufacturing is not dead in Australia, and through investment into R&D, staff development and training business can continue to thrive.


REDARC would like to thank the Caravan Camping Industry Association of South Australia and Discovery Parks for sponsoring the award. REDARC thanks both organisations