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REDARC Releases New Tow-Pro Switch Inserts

REDARC is thrilled to announce the addition of three new Tow-Pro Switch Inserts to suit a range of remote head installation applications.

Available Now! The next-generation Manager30

REDARC Electronics has released the next-generation of its popular battery management system, the Manager30

REDARC Charging Ahead with Renault

Renault announce REDARC's BCDC as their dual battery charging solution for their vehicles with a smart alternator

REDARC launches Roll Over Sensor

REDARC is proud to announce the release of its new Roll Over Sensor (ROS) for trucks and other heavy vehicles.

REDARC releases Wiring Kits and Tow-Pro Switch Inserts for Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controllers

To support the installation of both the Tow-Pro Elite range and Tow-Pro Classic electric trailer brake controllers, REDARC has released a range of vehicle specific wiring kits and Tow-Pro Switch Inserts.