Three tips for a successful Easter road trip

We all want road trips to go smoothly, but a lot of time there are things we haven’t anticipated for. The Easter break is a perfect excuse for Aussies to head away, and we know you want to make sure everyone is having fun, without the stress (well, most of it anyway).

Check your gear 

Aside from packing enough chocolate to cause a sugar coma, the to do list is no doubt a big one. 

Now would be great time to ensure your batteries are in good condition and oil, and coolant are at safe levels. While you’re checking the safety and quality of your vehicle, it’s a good idea to inspect the gear you are packing so to avoid any last-minute dashes to the shops to replace or repair anything.  

Whether it’s a tent or trailer or caravan, check your lights, wheel bearings, gas, and for mould on your caravan or trailer if you haven't used it since winter.

Check your camping gear as well including chairs, tables, picnic rugs and dinnerware. Sometimes you come to packing this the night before and it’s been loaned out to your friend’s sister’s cousin, likely to be gone forever. 

Assess your power needs

Keeping your set-up powered while being off grid doesn’t have to be hard with the right equipment. If you have multiple appliances such as fridge and, lights as well something like a coffee machine, a dual-battery system is your best bet. 

Last minute purchases such as a Smart Battery Monitor for your 12v system can easily be installed at home before you go. Using the RedVision app, the monitor enables you to check your battery status and the current flow. 

And if you plan on spending your weekend in a tent or have no set-up in your vehicle, the GoBlock is an excellent portable alternative to help keep everyone powered.  The Goblock will not only keep the family's devices charged, it can save the day by providing enough power to jumpstart your car with the Start Battery Recovery feature.

Research your destination

You’ve probably picked out where you are going by now, whether you are free camping or booked a spot well in advance. It’s a good idea to research where you are going to be well prepared. If you are taking a main highway, hitting the road early in the morning or late the night before might help you avoid the congestion.

If it’s a popular spot and you are keen to eat out or do some activities, book ahead to secure your spot. Or perhaps you have chosen a spot where crowds are minimal, in that case have a look around the area on your maps for some nearby hidden gems. There may be a waterfall, a walking track to tackle or a beach you didn’t know existed.  

Be sure to check out local tourist information as some towns have weekend events, particularly helpful for entertaining the kids. 

If you happen to be travelling interstate and bringing food with you, check the rules on what you are allowed to bring in as each state has its own biosecurity rules.  

Of course, you can’t forget the main event, the egg hunt! Hide the eggs early in the morning before everyone is out of bed rather than the night before to ensure wildlife doesn’t get it, also, no one likes melted chocolate. 

 For more planning tips, check out some tips on how to meal plan for a weekend away here.