New Tow-Pro accessories available

REDARC has released several accessories aimed at improving and aiding the installation of their award-winning Tow-Pro Elite electric trailer brake controller.

This includes the addition of two additional Switch Inserts to their existing range of seven. The REDARC Tow-Pro Switch Insert aids the installation of the market-leading Tow-Pro remote head into vehicles. Tow-Pro Switch Inserts allow the installer to create an OE looking remote head mount whilst simultaneously aiding installation. The latest additions to our Switch Insert range are below.

Part Number Vehicle
TPSI-001 Universal
TPSI-002 Suitable for Toyota, Mitsubishi Triton
TPSI-003 Suitable for Holden Colorado
TPSI-005 Suitable for Isuzu D-MAX SX
TPSI-006 Suitable for Isuzu D-MAX LS/MU-X
*NEW* TPSI-007 Suitable for 70 Series Toyota
*NEW* TPSI-009 Suitable for Mazda BT50


REDARC also offer Tow-Pro Inserts in bulk packs of ten. Bulk packs can be ordered via part number TPSI-00*-B through your local distributor.

The REDARC Remote Head Wiring Kits (RHWK-00*) are a range of 1-6m cables that interconnect the Remote Head to the Main Unit. All cables have automotive-style connectors and increase the flexibility of the installation for Tow-Pro Elite.

Part Number Length
RHWK-001 1m
RHWK-002 2m
RHWK-003 3m
RHWK-004 4m
RHWK-005 5m
RHWK-006 6m


REDARC has also released an Encapsulated Protection Device (EPDK-001), it is a general purpose 7A diode suitable for both 12 and 24V applications. It is totally encapsulated with sealed connections. It is suitable for loads up to 100W on 12V systems, or 200W on 24V systems.

The EPDK-001 has been designed to fit in the Trailer Stop Lamp feed to support the installation of the Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controller on vehicles where ‘back-feed’ of 12V (during Tow-Pro Manual Override) may interfere with the vehicle systems. When installed correctly, the EPDK-001 ensures correct Trailer braking and Stop Lamp operation when the vehicle brakes or the Tow-Pro Manual Override is used.

REDARC’s Business Development Manager – Light Vehicles, Robert Chadwick said, “Since its release, the Tow-Pro Elite has gone on to become the most popular brake controller in the market, the release of a range accessories are designed to aid and simplify its installation process, ultimately improving efficiency for the installer.”

The Tow-Pro Elite V3 was released on January 2019 and features improvements to the remote head and is compatible with new vehicle technology. It also maintains the simple operation it is renowned for and industry-leading selectable modes of braking, ‘Proportional’ for highways and sealed roads and ‘User-controlled’ for off-road driving.

For more information on these accessories, click here.