Weekend 12 Volt Guide

We are going in depth on some of our most affordable and popular 12 Volt products at REDARC. The 12V products below are suitable for off grid travel for a few days, or longer. REDARC design products to suit.

Engine BayEngine Bay

Smart Start® SBI

Say you have an older vehicle and require a device that is going to look after your batteries, SBIs are that simple and effective product that maintain the health of your start battery. SBIs are designed for functionality during off-grid travel, and they are one of the oldest products here at REDARC.

The REDARC Smart Start® SBI works by protecting the engine battery from being drained by isolating both the start battery and secondary battery. Then, while driving, the secondary battery automatically starts charging. Back at camp the SBI will isolate the secondary battery, so you avoid draining your engine battery while using external accessories such as a fridge, car lights or phones. These accessories can now run in your vehicle without fear of draining your start battery. The SBI also warns users of faults such as voltage drops, over-voltage, and excessive current draw conditions.

To take some extra stress off heading somewhere remote, our SBI’s are designed with the potential to jump start your vehicle with an override feature. You may need to use this feature if your car battery is weak or dead, especially in cold weather, these malfunctions can happen. Compact in size, easy to install and a simple choice for powering your weekend away, do not overlook the SBI.


For a newer vehicle, REDARC’s BCDC range has superb entry level chargers that fit into any setup. BCDCs are intentionally one of the most streamline battery chargers out there, made to fit comfortably in the engine bay or inside your truck, RV, van or trailer. Camping is easier when you have power, you can charge your batteries and appliances more quickly, keep your fridge cold and keep the adventure going for longer. BCDCs are designed to charge a second battery to a proven 100%. It also protects your start battery from excessive discharge, while ensuring optimum performance from 12V gear. No matter your travel style, the REDARC BCDC is a simple and compact power solution, designed, tested, and manufactured in Australia.

For a deeper dive into the BCDC product, read our blog on the BCDC vs Manager 30. To find the best dual battery setup for your vehicle, use our REDARC vehicle selector tool. You can find everything you need for your next adventure at REDARC, from dual battery isolators to DC power supplies. Keep your lead acid and lithium batteries fully charged by shopping DC to DC chargers online.

patriot camperspatriot campers

“REDARC have come up with the most intuitive, state of the art electronics when it comes to caravan and camping 12V off-road touring.” - Justin Montesalvo, Patriot Campers.

To learn more about the BCDC and the next step up for off road travel -  please read out blog BCDC vs Manager30 Guide. For more informaton, REDARC’s Tech Support Line will always be happy to assist you. Visit the REDARC website at redarcelectronics.com.au or phone REDARC at ((08) 8322 4848).

Enjoy your time away. We’ll see you out camping!