REDARC’S 4X4 Offroad Battery Charging Kit

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REDARC’s dual input 40A In-vehicle DC Battery Charging Kit, perfect for trips ranging from a few days to weeks on end.
1 x BCDC Classic Under Bonnet 40A DC Battery Charger   + NZ$0.00
1 x 60A Fuse Kit   + NZ$0.00
1 x Dual Voltage 52mm Gauge with optional current display   + NZ$0.00
1 x Hall Effect Current Sensor   + NZ$0.00


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    REDARC’s 4x4 offroad battery charging kit is the perfect setup for people wanting to get away for days, or even weeks, to explore the country with friends and family, without missing out on the electronic comforts we enjoy at home.

    This 4x4 offroad battery dual battery setup offers everything you need if you’re looking to add a larger secondary battery (200AH+)* to your vehicle that will allow you to run things like fridges, inverters and other 12V devices.

    The 40amp BCDC will help charge your batteries (200Ah+) while you’re on the move, and features solar inputs if you want to add a solar blanket or portable solar panel down the track to help you harness the sun’s energy to get batteries back to 100% charge when you’re setup at camp. Pair with a 200Ah REDARC Lithium Battery for the ultimate dual battery setup.

    The inclusion of a dual voltage monitoring gauge means you can always keep a closer eye on your battery performance to ensure you are not over or under voltage when out on the road.

    What’s inside?

    This 4x4 offroad battery charging kit has everything you may need to install into the canopy or back of your 4x4 before taking off on your next great adventure.

     REDARC dual input 40A In-vehicle DC Battery Charging Kit REDARC dual input 40A In-vehicle DC Battery Charging Kit

    These include:

    •           A 40amp DC to DC battery charger (BCDC1240D) to connect and charge your batteries
    •           A 60amp fuse kit (FK60) required for self-installation
    •           A dual voltage gauge (G52-VVA) so you can keep an eye on your batteries’ charging performance
    •           A hall effect current sensor (GS-AMPS) to measure the current flowing from your main battery to your second battery

    This kit is the perfect option for those people who want to add a secondary battery to their 4x4 setup to run a fridge or camp lights, and make sure they can keep their main battery charged to get them there and back again.

    If you’re unsure of what the best dual battery setup is to suit your vehicle or travel plans, use the REDARC dual battery selector tool or view our lithium-ready weekend escape (25amp) or ultimate (50amp) dual battery bundles.

    *Check battery specifications for current limits

    *Suitable for use on vehicles with conventional alternator charging systems

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