Electric brake controllers

REDARC's range of electric brake controllers provide ultimate safety when towing, offering a smoother trailer braking response suitable for 12V or 24V vehicle systems. When you’re towing the weight of a 2.5 tonne vehicle behind you on an open highway, it’s important to ensure the safety of yourself and others with an effective and controlled braking system in place. Select from our wide range of braking systems including our REDARC Tow Pro range, User-Controlled systems, and Break-Safe Break-Away systems, as well as, Tow-Pro Wiring Kits and Switch Inserts. learn more

REDARC Braking Systems

Our award winning Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller is the only brake controller in the market to offer two types of braking in the one unit - proportional and user-controlled modes. With the addition of proportional braking modes, you can ensure accurate and optimal force is applied in response to how hard your vehicle is braking. The Tow-Pro Elite also allows manual override where you see fit. The Elite and our extended Tow-Pro range are designed to suit most trailer braking applications, require minimal dashboard space and are simple to install and operate.

Tow-pro comparison tableTow-pro comparison table

We also provide a variety of user-controlled (manual) braking systems for tow vehicles. REDARC’s manual electric trailer brake controllers offer an easy solution to controlling your brakes with the simple turn of a control knob. Adjust the amount of braking force required whenever you need to. Additionally, REDARC’s Break-Safe Break-Away systems ensure warning is provided should your trailer or caravan accidentally separate from your vehicle. Designed to apply both the brakes and brake lights when such emergency situations occur, the Brake-Safe Brake-Away controller keeps you and fellow drivers safer on the road.

We also provide a wide range of Tow-Pro Wiring Kits and Switch Inserts to aid the installation and operation of your electric brake controllers. Don’t forget to check out our DC to DC battery chargers and 4WD solar panels too! REDARC are always here to ensure you fully understand how to operate your electric brake controller effectively, so be sure to take advantage of the informative resources on our site.



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