Breaking down on the side of the road is the last thing you want when you’re off on a 4WD adventure. Even if your 4WD is brand new, the harder you push it, the harder the engine or your battery management system has to work to keep up. With REDARC’s 52mm gauges, you can track how your vehicle is doing at any given moment and avoid being stranded with an overheated or run-down engine. learn more

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  1. Hall Effect Current Sensor GS-AMPS
    The REDARC Hall Effect Current Sensor is an electronic device which is designed to measure the current flowing in a circuit and output the value of that current as a voltage signal.
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    Battery Option Cable (Alligator Clips) SRC0003-B2
    The SRC0003-B2 Alligator Clip Option Cable is used in conjunction with the SRC0003 Regulator to Battery Cable to provide a connection between the regulator and the battery under charge.
  3. EGT Sensor Kit SENSOR05
    The SENSOR05 is a 1/8NPT EGT Sensor kit for use with REDARC's range of gauges.
  4. NTC ABS Plastic Temperature Sensor -20 to +80c GS-UT-80
    The REDARC NTC ABS Plastic Temperature Sensor is an NTC temperature sensor encased in a plastic housing for measuring cabin, fridge or outside temperature, temperature range is -20 to +80°C
  5. NTC Copper Temperature Sensor -20 to +120°C GS-UT-120
    The REDARC NTC Copper Temperature Sensor is a NTC temperature sensor in a metal copper housing with 6mm diameter mounting hole, temperature range is -20 to +120°C
  6. Oil Pressure Sensor 150PSI - 1/8 NPT Thread GS-P-150
    The REDARC Oil Pressure Sensor incorporates a 150PSI oil pressure sensor with a 1/8" NPT thread.
  7. Water & Oil Temperature Sensor - 1/8 NPT Thread GS-OWT1-8
    The REDARC Water and Oil Temperature Sensor is a coolant or oil temperature sensor with a 1/8" NPT thread that is designed to measure from -20~ + 170°C.
  8. Water & Oil Temperature Sensor - 1/4 NPT Thread GS-OWT1-4
    The REDARC Water & Oil Temperature Sensor is a coolant or oil temperature sensor with a 1/4" NTP thread that is designed to measure from -20~ + 170°C.
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Temperature & oil pressure gauges

When it comes to keeping your off-road vehicle in tip top shape, oil pressure and temperature gauges are must haves. With an oil pressure gauge, you can ensure that the correct pressure is maintained in your vehicle and that your car bearings are well lubricated. This is particularly crucial when you're travelling at continuous high speeds and towing heavy loads. Similarly, a temperature gauge can be used to monitor both the temperature and water (coolant) in your vehicle's engine. If the oil in your engine is subjected to excessive temperatures, it can significantly affect the lubrication that keeps the metal parts from touching - lubrication that your vehicle needs to prevent major engine damage. All of this ensures the longevity of your vehicle!


View the REDARC gauge brochure for full specifications and information.


If you've recently added a dc to dc battery charger or battery management system to your 4WD, caravan or camper (or plan to), a voltage gauge is the perfect way to monitor everything. Not only do they enable you to track the charging performance of your battery system, but they act as an early warning system so you can fix any issues instantly.

Boost gauges

Have a diesel turbocharged vehicle? An exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and boost gauge is exactly what you need. Monitoring the EGT in your vehicle is key to preventing engine or turbocharger damage - especially if your vehicle is pulling a heavy load, climbing or running at continuous high speeds.

We also have a great selection of mounts, sensors and accessories to help you get the most out of REDARC's gauges. Don’t forget to check out the REDARC Tow-Pro range or our selection of battery chargers either! Take your vehicle to the next level with REDARC's range of 52mm gauges and keep everything in perfect working order for many years to come.




Need a little help with choosing the right product? We're here to help! You can use our handy vehicle look-up tool, find a local installer or stockist in your area or check out our FAQs.

Still not sure? Don't stress, you can contact our helpful Tech Support Team by phone or email too.