Solar Panels

Harness the energy of the sun with REDARC’s innovative and state of the art 4WD solar panels. Easy to use, these solar panels are designed to complement your vehicle’s current battery charging system. With a 4WD solar system in place, you can cross boundaries you never thought possible. Solar power is easily recharged throughout the day, making solar panels ideal for grand driving adventures through Australia’s outback. Our range features standard fixed solar panels, portable solar panels, solar blankets, standalone regulators and an extensive range of solar accessories including cables and adapters for easy connection. learn more

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  1. 180W Monocrystalline Solar Panel SPRP1180

    The REDARC 180W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is a standard monocrystalline flat solar panel designed to capture solar energy to keep batteries charged throughout the day.

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    Regulator Temperature Probe SRP0240-TP
    The Solar Regulator Temperature probe allows for temperature compensation of the charge rate of your regulator via actual battery temperature, rather than ambient temperature.
  3. Solar Regulator Remote Monitor SRP0240-RM
    The REDARC Solar Regulator Remote Monitor provides an informative, user friendly display tracking the power the solar panels are producing and the charge state of the battery. Only compatible with our 10 & 20A Solar Regulator (SRP0 range)
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    20A Solar Regulator SRP0240
    The REDARC 20A Solar Regulator ensures that the power supplied by 12V or 24V solar panels is regulated to the right voltage to charge auxiliary batteries.
  5. 10A Solar Regulator SRP0120
    The REDARC 10A Solar Regulator ensures that the power supplied by 12V or 24V solar panels is regulated to the right voltage to charge auxiliary batteries.
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    Battery Option Cable (Alligator Clips) SRC0003-B2
    The SRC0003-B2 Alligator Clip Option Cable is used in conjunction with the SRC0003 Regulator to Battery Cable to provide a connection between the regulator and the battery under charge.
  7. Solar Panel Bracket to suit Unistrut and EzyStrut Channel Systems SPMB0004
    Compatible with Unistrut and EzyStrut channel systems.
  8. Solar Panel Bracket to suit Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform Crossbar SPMB0003
    Compatible with Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platforms.
  9. Solar Panel Bracket to suit ARB Base Racks and Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh systems SPMB0002
    Compatible with ARB Base Racks and Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh platform systems.
  10. Out of stock
    Solar Panel Bracket to suit Rhino-Rack Vortex and Heavy Duty crossbars SPMB0001
    Compatible with Rhino-Rack Vortex and Heavy-Duty crossbars for easy solar panel mounting. Allows solar panel to be used inconjunction with other roof rack loads.
  11. 20A SRPA Regulator & Cable Value Pack SRPA20-VP
    The REDARC 20 Amp Solar Regulator and Cable Value Pack is used to connect to the REDARC solar blanket range.
  12. 30A Anderson Regulator SRPA0360
    The REDARC 30A Solar Regulator ensures the correct charge is supplied safely and efficiently to charge an auxiliary battery and is ideal when multiple REDARC solar blankets are used simultaneously. Available with Anderson™ SB™50 connectors.
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4WD Solar Panels

REDARC’s solar solutions include high-quality mono crystalline fixed solar panels designed to be attached to the top of your caravan, RV or camper-trailer. Manufactured with Australia’s extreme weather and harsh conditions in mind, our fixed solar panels are strong and durable. Choose from a range of solar panel sizes and output power resources to suit your vehicle and charging requirements.

If you’re looking for more flexibility with your solar solutions, then REDARC’s selection of portable solar panels will do the job. An essential in camping gear, these solar panels feature a double channel aluminium frame, so you can be rest assured that they won’t ever flex or twist. Another compact and easy to use solar solution, is REDARC’s range of solar blankets. These blankets feature solar cells attached to a flexible cloth backing, and can be easily folded up and packed away.

To accompany your solar solutions, we have a wide selection of solar regulators and accessories to complete your solar panel kits. REDARC’s solar regulators will ensure that the power supplied by 24V and 12V solar panels is at the right voltage to charge auxiliary batteries efficiently. Additionally, our range of monitors, cables, mounts and other accessories will ensure you have all the tools to power your camping caravans, motorhomes and 4WD. Planning an extended trip? Check out our range of dc to dc battery chargers, 52mm gauges and the REDARC Tow Pro range too!

Take your solar set up to the next level for all your camping and 4WD adventures with REDARC’s solar solutions. Shop REDARC solar panels online today.



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