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  1. Integrated Power System, 2000W & 30A ICMS-010
    Out of stock
    <p>Power up with REDARC's Integrated Power System, a compact, all-in-one solution for reliable canopy power. </p>
  2. GNSS Speed Sender, Internal Antenna HMGS1A10CP
    Out of stock
    <p>The REDARC Hummingbird Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Speed Sender including an internal atenna is a compact speed sender providing distance travelled information using GPS and GLONASS Satellite Networks for greater accuracy.</p>
  3. Hummingbird Integrated Compact Ball Bank HMBB0400
    Out of stock
    <p>The Hummingbird Electronics Integrated Compact Ball Bank measures and displays the roll of a vehicle or machine. </p>
  4. Hummingbird 2 Axis Tilt Sensor MODBUS, 0.1 degree precision HMTS2M3000C
    Out of stock
    <p>The Hummingbird Electronics 2 Axis high precision tilt sensor is a 0.1 degree sensor operating on RS485. </p>
  5. Hummingbird 2 Axis Tilt Sensor MODBUS, 1 Degree Precision HMTS2M0000B
    <p>The Hummingbird Electronics 2 Axis Tilt sensor is a 1 degree sensor utilising MODBUS over RS485.</p>
  6. Hummingbird Dual Axis Tilt-Sensor - TCM Output HMTS2CFG232-TCM
    Out of stock
    <p>Hummingbird Electronics' RS232 output Tilt-Sensor provides 0.1 degree accurate pitch and roll angles in a serial message compatible with Trimble's TCM protocol.</p>
  7. Hummingbird 2 Axis Tilt Switch HMTS2CFG10B
    <p>The Hummingbird Electronics 2 Axis Tilt Switch is a user configurable, accurate and simple tilt switch with a 0-64 degree switching angle.</p>
  8. Hummingbird USB Configurable Tilt-Switch HMTS2CFG0
    Out of stock
    <p>The Hummingbird USB Configurable Tilt-Switch is an accurate tilt switch with voltage outputs.Typically used in automation systems where voltage output is required.</p>
  9. Hummingbird GPS Speed Switch incl. Magnetic Antenna HMSW1000BM
    <p>The Hummingbird GPS Speed Switch including magnetic mount antenna is a calibration free speed based switch which provides a warning or can take action when a vehicle exceeds a given speed.</p>
  10. Hummingbird GPS Speedometer, Incl. Magnetic Antenna | REDARC Electronics HMSS1000BM
    Out of stock
    <p>The Hummingbird GPS Speedometer is an easy to install digital speedometer including a magnetic mount atenna. It is ideal for vehicles not fitted with conventional speedometers such as tractors, rollers and graders. </p>