Power up for less with the BCDC Core. Featuring REDARC's pioneering charging tech, the Core is the perfect DC to DC charger for your canopy or cabin build. 

BCDC Core Install


Don't ruin the look of your interior with bulky electronics. With no loud fans or relays and a small form factor, the BCDC Core can be tucked away, leaving room in the cabin for more important things. Hide it under the rear floor, behind a side panel or under the seats and make your power set up look like it was meant to be there.

Built to suit common dual battery setups:

  • Boot
  • In-cabin
  • Canopy
  • Lithium-ready
  • Simultaneous DC & Solar charge


Featuring an ultra efficient MPPT solar regulator, the BCDC Core will charge from the vehicle and solar simultaneously. By charging your batteries more quickly, you can keep the adventure going for longer. Built in Green Power Priority will prioritise solar input, minimising the load on your alternator and saving fuel. 

goblock in vehicle


The BCDC Core is the next evolution of proven REDARC BCDC platform that has been powering off-grid adventure for over 10 years. With the BCDC Core, you have the confidence that your batteries are charged and your fridge stays cold! 


With chemistry specific charging profiles, including lithium the BCDC Core ensures your batteries are ready for your next adventure. The award-winning technology in the BCDC Core has been independently tested to ensure battery life is maximised, charging your battery to a proven 100%.*

*Large capacity battery banks may require a few cycles to fully charge

goblock charging vehicle battery
goblock off grid


The BCDC Core is designed, tested and manufactured in Australia and is backed by our leading technical support and national REDNetwork certified installer network.

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Charge these and more

lights fridge phone inverter camera
compressor cpap drones 12v car battery
bcdc core

The BCDC Core is the perfect DC to DC charger for in-cabin duties, but what if you need something a little more rugged?
Check out this handy comparison table to see how the Core stacks up against the legendary BCDC Classic.

BCDC Model



Suitable for Lithium charging (LiFePO4)

Silent fanless operation

Simultaneous DC & solar charging (Green Power Priority)

MPPT solar regulator

Easy installation

Compact design

Suits 12/24V standard & variable/smart alternators

Water & dust resistant


Fully sealed electronics


Tough powdercoated finish


Chemical resistant, industrial strength decals


Suitable for engine bay installation


Connector kit included


Australian made & designed

Legendary BCDC reliability




In-cabin DC to DC Charger

Perfect for boot, canopy or in-cabin installations
Charges all common battery types including Lithium
Simultaneous DC and Solar Charging
In-built MPPT solar regulator 
Silent operation
Can charge batteries back to proven 100%
Made and tested to survive Australian conditions.
25amp or 40amp models available

solar ready solar ready