As Part of REDARC’s commitment to engineering and busines growth, REDARC offers undergraduate engineering students the opportunity to undertake their industrial engineering experience within one of Australia’s most trusted manufacturing companies. This is designed to enable you to enhance your technical, business and people skills. Students contemplating this program must have completed a minimum of two (2) years of their degree and must be eligible to work in Australia. 

“Over my 12 weeks of work experience I have learnt so many things that uni would never be able to teach me, and I have been able to do it in one of the greatest environments and communities that I have ever been in.” - Hugo, Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering / Bachelor of Maths and Computer Science


We are interested in engineering students engaged in studies in the following degrees:

  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Electrical & Mechatronic Engineering
  • Electronics & Micro Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Information Technology & Telecommunications Engineering

Industrial Experience at REDARC is paid work, placements are subject to availability and business requirements.


Build on your career as an Engineer by undertaking a graduate position with REDARC. We are passionate about educating and developing enthusiastic engineers and technicians, graduate opportunities inside REDARC will prepare you with skills that will leverage your career and allow you to navigate real-life projects.

Those selected to start their career at REDARC will have access to other unique benefits including:

  • A senior engineer assigned as a career mentor
  • Ongoing training and professional development beyond the program
  • Access to exclusive leading-edge technology
  • Learning credits for future study
  • Access to selected employee benefits

The number of graduate positions available does change year to year, but we make every effort to maximise yearly intake for any keen engineer who can bring with them cutting-edge engineering excellence. Graduate positions generally commence at the beginning of each calendar year, although positions may also become available throughout the year. 


“I felt welcomed at REDARC from the moment I walked in during my first interview. I knew I would grow in such an environment and that’s exactly how it turned out. I got assistance from people within and outside my department, learnt new software and built on the knowledge I gained from uni.” – Mary-Ann, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical and Electronic


If you are interested in applying please send through your letter of interest, resume of experience, academic transcript to or contact the HR team on (08) 8322 4848 for further details.

If you're an experienced engineer looking for your next career opportunity, find out about our current opportunities


*All quotes taken from REDARC's 2022 Employee Survey