How to avoid the dreaded caravan sway

We have all seen it before on YouTube, or maybe you may have been a first-hand witness to the act. A caravan and tow vehicle starts to sway out of control and before you know it they both flipped over on the side of the road. But it does not need to happen, and there are things you can do to avoid it or at the very least diminish the effects of caravan sway.

Towing 101: What you need to know when towing

You may have driven a Toyota Corolla your whole life and now you have bought a 200 series Landcruiser which can tow 3500kg and the biggest caravan that you are allowed to tow. But What skills do you have when it comes to setting up your combination to head off on your first trip?

Harnessing the sun’s power

I spend around 7 months of the year in the bush and most of that time is camping under canvas. Spending so much time in the bush, I suppose, is one of the perks of working as a DVD presenter with 4WD Action.

How to choose the best vehicle for towing a caravan

REDARC look into the legalities, accessories and vehicle specifications that will help you make an informed decision about what the best towing 4x4 for caravans and camper trailers really is.

Common Trailer Wiring Faults

If you're like us here at REDARC, you're excited to drag the caravan or camper trailer out of hibernation. But before you embark on your epic journey, there are a few quick and easy checks you can do to ensure you don't run into any hiccups on the black top.

The top 6 things you need to know when planning to go caravanning

Caravanning is hell of a lot of fun & just ask anyone whose been exploring in their tow vehicle and caravan and they will probably talk your ear off! Indeed, some people even make it their full time business going from state to state, town to town.
Still, there are some things you should probably think about before you plan your next trip no matter if you're going for a month, half a year or full-time.

How to manage your gadgets

In our last blog we explained what you need to know to calculate your 12v requirements. Now we tell you exactly what you need to keep track and manage your power needs while out on the road. Last thing you want is to drain your batteries to 0, keeping the beer cold will be the last of your worries!

Generator Vs Solar

It’s a tale as old as time; how can one stay off-grid for long periods of time? It’s the million dollar question we’d all like to know, without having to be tethered to the grid like a patsy. Everyone knows the most common methods to top up your batteries is either by using solar, or a generator but which one wins exactly? We lay it out all for you.

Shopping for Solar? What to look for

Before you get bogged down with the technical aspects for your next solar setup, start with the basics.

How to Calculate Your 12V Requirements

Have you ever wanted to venture out to the Great Outdoors but don't know where to begin in your planning? One of the first things to consider before you start dreaming of that perfect getaway vehicle and get away van is how much power you're going to need for your journey their and back. It can be really daunting but luckily the folks at MATG have gone through the all the trials and tribulations. Here they show you how to calculate for your 12v requirements.

Tow-Pro Elite Review

Rob Sanderson, co-owner of Australian CamperTrailers recently reviewed the Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller