Towing Control

Caravan Sway and How To Avoid It

Caravan sway is an issue faced by many drivers on the road, and when not handled properly can cause accidents. REDARC walk you through some tips to avoid caravan sway and what to do if it happens on the road.

The Evolution of Electric Trailer Brake Controllers

Electric trailer brake controllers are a critical part of any towing setup and have come a long way in both look and technology. REDARC walks you through the evolution of brake controllers.

How to avoid the dreaded caravan sway

We have all seen it before on YouTube, or maybe you may have been a first-hand witness to the act. A caravan and tow vehicle starts to sway out of control and before you know it they both flipped over on the side of the road. But it does not need to happen, and there are things you can do to avoid it or at the very least diminish the effects of caravan sway.

How to choose the best vehicle for towing a caravan

REDARC look into the legalities, accessories and vehicle specifications that will help you make an informed decision about what the best towing 4x4 for caravans and camper trailers really is.

Common Trailer Wiring Faults

If you're like us here at REDARC, you're excited to drag the caravan or camper trailer out of hibernation. But before you embark on your epic journey, there are a few quick and easy checks you can do to ensure you don't run into any hiccups on the black top.