Off-Grid Power

Weekend 12 Volt Guide

REDARC are going in depth on some of their most affordable and popular 12 Volt products on the market. The Smart Start SBI, BCDC and Fridge Kits are all perfect accessories for a weekend getaway.

BCDC vs Manager30 Guide

Staying off-grid can be super easy with the right equipment. Here at REDARC, we have taken it back to basics to explain our Manager30 and BCDC range, to keep you connected and fully charged up!

Danny's 4WD Adventures Reviews our BCDC1225D

When undertaking a 12-month adventure around Australia, Danny from Danny's 4WD Adventures identified a need for a good power management system so he could maximise his time off the grid. He decided that the best option for his vehicle would be REDARC's BCDC1225D dc to dc charger, find out why.

240V power on the go with Shaun Whale

Charging batteries, operating power tools and coffee machines from the back of your 4WD out in the bush? Surely not!

Choosing the right charger for your dual battery system

We're talking all things battery charging. Choosing the right charger for your dual battery system can be daunting, but we're breaking down all the different types and the setups they're perfect for.

Building a camper trailer power system

Whether you're looking to build a camper from scratch or update your current setup, we're running through all you need to know when it comes to planning a 12v power system for your camper trailer.

12 volt essentials for your weekend trips

Long weekends are the perfect opportunity to pack up the family and get away, we've picked out our must have 12 volt power accessories for your next weekend escape.

Not all portable power is created equal | GoBlock vs traditional battery boxes

With less space in modern 4WDs to install dual battery systems, people are turning toward battery boxes and portable power systems. But not all portable power is created equal, we're talking the GoBlock vs traditional battery boxes.

Where To Install Your Dual Battery Setup

Have you just bought your first 4x4 and aren't sure where to install
your 12V power setup? We talk 12V install locations and the best one for your vehicle.

A Guide To Lithium Batteries

With lithium batteries becoming the new norm in 4WDing and off grid setups, we look at how they're worth the investment.

A Guide to Auxiliary Batteries

Are you looking for your next auxiliary battery don't know the difference between lead acid and lead crystal? REDARC's guide to auxiliary batteries is here to help.