REDARC launches Roll Over Sensor

REDARC is proud to announce the release of its new Roll Over Sensor (ROS) to the market for trucks and other heavy vehicles. It has been developed, manufactured and tested at our Adelaide-based facility, and has been designed and tested to meet stringent industry standards.


The REDARC Roll Over Sensor is suitable for both 12 and 24-volt systems, it enables trucks to meet the legal requirements of roll-over sensing (AS2809:2008) by signalling the isolation switch to disconnect power to the truck system in the event of a rollover. When an imminent roll is detected, the ROS will trigger the Battery Master Isolation Switch to turn off power to the truck’s electrical system reducing the risk of fire and damage to electrical systems.


It uses dual accelerometers designed for automotive safety applications, giving high accuracy, reliability and has the ability to indicate faults via an optional dash-mounted lamp which can be easily accessed by the vehicle’s driver.


The ROS will work 'hand in glove' with the REDARC Battery Master Isolation Switch (BMIS) launched last year. Together these two products create a level of safety for truck drivers that is second to none. The ROS utilises advanced filtering algorithms to ensure no false triggering occurs under even the harshest conditions. The multi-pin plug makes installation easy and reliable.


Australian standards for rollover sensors require them to be checked every three months once they are installed to make sure they are working correctly, which has seen the ROS developed with a few 'smart mechanisms' to aid in the process. "The test requires you to tilt the sensor to trigger it, and then put it back to its normal position." REDARC’s OEM Business Development Manager, Stuart Peddle explains. "A unique feature of the ROS is its captive pin system – you have to use a tool to unlock it to test it, then correctly reset it for it to work again, which ensures that it won’t falsely trigger during transit and can't be tampered with."


The ROS has been in development for a little over two years, which included a number of both simulated and real-life testing processes to military vibration and ISO environmental, accelerated life standards and field trials. Rated IP66, IP67 and IP69K it is also protected against dust and water, including high-pressure water/steam cleaning.


REDARC Managing Director, Mr Anthony Kittel, said the ROS had undergone extensive and all-encompassing independent testing including rugged infield trials to ensure that the unit sets the industry benchmark that REDARC is renowned for.


“We held extensive field-testing with fleets in South Australia and mining customers in Western Australia to corroborate the results of our simulations, this has resulted in outstanding results in extreme conditions, with the product boasting a high environmental tolerance to corrosion and water ingress”


“REDARC have spent over 20 years working with trucking equipment manufacturers including Kenworth, Volvo, Iveco, Scania and Mercedes. We have strong credentials and an acute understanding of what the trucking industry wants and needs,” Mr Kittel said.


REDARC officially launched the ROS at the Brisbane Truck Show in May. It is now available for purchase on our website, through your local automotive distributors or by contacting a REDARC Area Sales Manager.


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