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How Much Solar Do You Need To Power A Campervan Off-Grid?

How much solar power does your campervan need? All your solar power questions are answered here. 

New Caravan Standards AS/NZS3001.2:2022

REDARC Electronics acknowledge and fully support the new standard introduced in AS/NZS3001.2:2022, which address various aspects of the electrical system safety in RVs (Caravans, Motor Homes, and Camper trailers).

Caravan Sway and How To Avoid It

Caravan sway is an issue faced by many drivers on the road, and when not handled properly can cause accidents. REDARC walk you through some tips to avoid caravan sway and what to do if it happens on the road.

Caravan vs. camper trailer | Choosing your next camping setup

It's a debate that's been around for years, caravan vs. camper trailer. REDARC explore the pros and cons of each to help you decide on your next camping setup.


REDARC is pleased to once again be attending the 2017 Caravan Industry Association of Australia National Conference 16 – 18 May held at The Star (nee Jupiter's) Hotel & Casino on the Gold Coast.

How to choose the best vehicle for towing a caravan

REDARC look into the legalities, accessories and vehicle specifications that will help you make an informed decision about what the best towing 4x4 for caravans and camper trailers really is.