Fiat Professional's smart alternator charge solution

Fiat Professional’s solution to charge an auxiliary battery with a smart alternator

The European Directive for emission standards is aimed at providing fuel savings and reduce harmful pollutants from vehicles. These standards will impact vehicles customised by many body builders for the recreational, emergency service and commercial market segments.

To achieve this compliance, some vehicles are being equipped with an advanced variable voltage (smart) alternator. These alternators control the output voltage based on vehicle operating conditions to reduce the electrical load and, in turn, the mechanical load on the engine. This renders it unsuccessful at charging an auxiliary battery to a useable level when added high-powered electrical loads are installed.

To overcome this problem, Fiat Professional is recommending the installation of a REDARC In-vehicle DC-DC Battery Charger (BCDC) when an auxiliary battery is fitted. Its advanced electronics ensure that an auxiliary battery installed in its vehicles with smart alternators will always receive the ideal voltage and current for maximum battery life and performance. It is also a highly advanced battery isolator that protects your start battery from excessive discharge, while allowing your auxiliary battery to supply additional loads.

REDARC’s BCDC range has been tested and validated by Fiat Professional. They stated that “the REDARC BCDC solves the problem of charging an auxiliary battery in a vehicle equipped with a smart alternator. The BCDC has proven to charge an auxiliary battery, regardless of type or size, to 100% state of charge regardless of alternator type when driving and/ or when solar is connected. By providing a unique charging profile to each specific battery type, the REDARC In‑vehicle Battery Charger provides ‘off grid’ power to run a fridge, lights, inverter, medical equipment, tailgates or even a television when away from AC mains power.”

The REDARC BCDC will overcome problems with:

  •   Variable Voltage (Smart) Alternators
  • Voltage drop due to long cable runs
  • Inability to fully charge an auxiliary battery of different chemistry to the start battery
  • Over charging your auxiliary batteries leading to damage and failures
  • Limited charging levels resulting in reduced battery output.

To locate your closest distributor, confirm pricing or for further information please contact Ms. Isabell Muehlberger from REDARC at or phone +33 6 50 94 27 11.