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BCDC vs Manager30 Guide

Staying off-grid can be super easy with the right equipment. Here at REDARC, we have taken it back to basics to explain our Manager30 and BCDC range, to keep you connected and fully charged up!

Shaun's top 5 X-mas travel tips

Shaun Whale gives REDARC his top tips for getting away at Christmas to make the busiest time of the year a memorable one on the road for your family.

REDARC All Charged Up - Spring Newsletter 2022

The latest edition of REDARC's newsletter All Charged Up is available now.

REDARC launches new BCDC Core

REDARC is excited to launch the new BCDC Core range of in-cabin DC to DC chargers. Available in 25A and 40A variants, the BCDC Core is the perfect DC to DC charging solution for in-cabin, canopy, or battery box setups where dust and weatherproofing isn’t required.

Choosing the right winch

While you might not always need it, having a winch is an inexpensive insurance policy if you're looking to hit some tough tracks. REDARC are explaining everything you need to know to choose the right winch.

Talking Vanlife with Scott Adamson

REDARC reached out to find out exactly how Scott from Comes With A View and The Wanderful goes about planning his new van builds and what modifications he trusts while living off-grid.