REDARC congratulates BAE Systems on winning SEA5000 bid

REDARC Electronics wishes to formally congratulate BAE Systems Australia on its successful bid on the SEA5000 Future Frigates project.

On Friday, June 29th, The Honourable Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that BAE Systems had won the rights to deliver the $35billion contract which will see the world’s most advanced combat systems delivered to the Royal Australian Navy.

As part of BAE’s commitment to the Australian Government, 9 new frigates known as the ‘Hunter Class’ will be built by ASC Shipbuilding at the company's facility in Osborne, South Australia with work due to commence in 2020.

REDARC have been selected as an SME partner to deliver a range of services and products that will contribute to the SEA5000 project.

Managing Director, Mr Anthony Kittel said REDARC Electronics welcomed the announcement that BAE Systems had been successful in their SEA5000 bid.

Anthony stated “We are very excited. BAE’s engagement with the SME (small and medium enterprise) community has been exceptional and we commend CEO Gabby Costigan and the rest of the BAE team for their dedicated work connecting Australian companies with viable overseas organisations seeking to transfer technology to Australian industry”.

“I am looking forward to finetuning our proposals (to BAE and their suppliers) and creating jobs and work not just for our business, but others through our supply chain.”

In June 2017, REDARC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Germany’s Raytheon Anschutz to deliver the navigational bridge systems for the naval project. REDARC also recently signed an MOU with Britain’s MARL International to manufacture and support the LED lighting solutions that will go onto the frigates.

Mr Kittel said that the announcement will help underpin REDARC’s future growth plans while also helping to create 50 advanced manufacturing jobs throughout the business.

“BAE’s support through their Global Access Program (GAP) has enabled REDARC to dedicate resources and invest in technologies that will underpin sovereign industrial capability (SIC). To that end, BAE GAP has provided global access across land, air and sea domains”.

REDARC have established themselves as a key SME in the Australian Defence sector over the past 5 years and are well positioned to ramp up activities in the industry as facility upgrades and expansions near completion, which were fuelled by a $2.5million grant as part of the Federal Government’s Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Program.