Having helped power the possibilities for adventure across Australia for over 35 years, REDARC are taking our domestically proven products into international markets across the globe.

REDARC have been designing and manufacturing a range of battery management products for an array of overseas customers, including Europe, North America, Middle East, South Korea and the United Kingdom’s Recreational Vehicle markets through our SBI battery isolators, BCDC In-Vehicle DC to DC Chargers and the Manager30 battery management system for many years.

Tried, tested and proven in the toughest conditions

Australia’s weather and terrain offer up some of the toughest and most extreme conditions in the world, and to not only survive but thrive in those conditions products need to be built with a strong focus on innovation, quality and durability.

Having a product portfolio that provides trailer, camper, caravan and RV enthusiasts with the freedom and confidence to travel long distances across testing conditions, ensures REDARC products are a perfect fit for so many industries and environments the world over.

Customised and unique manufacturing

REDARC understand that not all customer needs, and vehicle compatibilities, are the same. It is through our extensive research and development processes that REDARC products have been designed and manufactured to meet the individual standards and measures required for all international markets.

Our REDARC after-sales service and support extends far beyond the installation of any of our products, as we continue to provide quality, technical assistance deserving of our customers in all countries.

International Memberships

Key to our endeavours internationally is ensuring REDARC becomes engrained in the local industry by aligning ourselves with key partners and obtaining memberships that help us stay up to date with industry needs, but also form long standing relationships.

To assist with our transition into each market, REDARC attends industry trade shows and exhibitions such as SEMA, Overland Expo, Solutrans and RVDA.

Some of the memberships we are part of include;


REDARC have been nominated for a host of international innovation, product and design awards and have been fortunate to have won back to back awards at SEMA in 2017 and 2018.

Having first won a Global Media Award in 2017 for our market leading Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller, REDARC were proud to go one better in 2018 by taking home two Global Media Awards for our DC to DC In-vehicle battery chargers.

The 25amp and 40amp BCDC’s were also named as a finalist for an Innovation Award at the 2017 Solutrans event in France, further highlighting the recognition and reputation REDARC are generating internationally.

REDARC have also been recognised within Australia for our approach to market internationally by being awarded the Design for Exporting – Design Strategy Award at the 2018 Business SA Export Awards.

Key relationships

Essential to any export strategy is the relationships that are formed to help generate greater interest, understanding and access to our products and service.

Our ever-growing network spans many nations and regions with key distributors and resellers available in locations such as New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Middle East and more.

See below for an overview of our growing list of distributors.

International support 

REDARC’s head office is located in Adelaide, South Australia, with the customer support team available at the cost of a local call on the numbers listed at the bottom of the page between Monday to Friday (6.00am to 8.00pm, Australian Central Standard Time).


  • London (United Kingdom)
    Support hours: 7.30pm – 9.30am
    +44 (0)20 3930 8109
  • Johannesburg (South Africa)
    Support hours: 9.30pm – 11.30am
    +27 87 551 0501
  • North America 
    Support hours: Pacific time 1.30pm - 1.30am 
    Central time 3.30pm - 3.30am
    Eastern time 4.30pm - 4.30am
    United States: +1 (704) 247 5150
    Canada: +1 (604) 260 5512
    Mexico: +1 (558) 526 2898

If you are not able to call during this time, or are calling from another location, please complete the contact form or contact our head office here.