REDARC complete install of environmentally friendly 100kW solar power system

Recently REDARC finalised a power infrastructure project which has seen the installation of a 100kW PV solar power system on the roof of its Lonsdale facility.


REDARC partnered with Beacon Solar for the project which aims to provide approximately 45% of REDARC’s electricity. The power system will lower the cost and improve the reliability of electricity supply to the facility.

solar powersolar power

As the business experiences growth and expansion over the coming years it is forecast that our annual power consumption will double. This increase in demand was also a driver for the power system.


The project has seen 370 solar panels at 270w line the roof of the plant, covering an area of 600 sqm. In total, REDARC will be able to offset C02 carbon emissions by 80 tonnes per year. The 370 solar panels can generate 140 megawatt-hours of energy per year.


By implementing PV solar power generation, REDARC will significantly reduce its cost of power and protect itself from future power hikes. In the event of a power outage, REDARC has also included the use of a generator that can allow uninterrupted operations at the facility. The PV system also provides the capability to add a battery system in the future.

solar powersolar power

Managing Director of REDARC Anthony Kittel and General Manager of Beacon Solar Mani Kaparakis amongst the new panels.

Speaking of the project Managing Director, Anthony Kittel said, “REDARC are always looking for ways to better manage our energy consumption by harnessing technology and implementing innovative measures.”


“This project is another example of our commitment to sustainable operation and decreasing our environmental footprint.”


REDARC worked with one of Australia’s leading solar and energy efficiency companies, Beacon Solar, who is a well-established and trusted brand with extensive experience and a strong footprint in the commercial market.


The new solar power system closely aligns with REDARC’s environment policy and was a key factor when selecting a supplier for the project. The new system will see REDARC reduce its impact on the environment whilst continuously seeking to balance its business needs.