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4WD Christmas Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the die hard 4WDers in your life? REDARC has teamed up with ARB to give you some ideas for the upcoming Christmas season.

Battery maintenance and storage made easy

Looking to protect your expensive vehicle batteries for maximum life and performance? REDARC's SmartCharge AC chargers are the perfect insurance policy. Read more here.

SmartCharge wins ‘Best battery charger for boats’ award

The SmartCharge range of AC Battery Chargers from DEFA can add the title of ‘Best smart charger for boats’ to their growing list of accolades. Previously the range had been crowned the best alternative for car batteries and won awards for their design and user-friendliness.

Their latest award was centred around charging marine applications and was conducted by several European publications including magazines of the likes of Finnish based KM and Norway's Båtmagasinet. The 8A SmartCharge was judged the best solution for charging boat batteries, getting top marks for its charging capability, profile and user-friendliness.

In summary, the judges commented on the fact the voltage values and current ratings were continually well regulated, and that there were no peak pulses or significant overvoltage values. The judges also admired the minimalistic and intuitive user-interface and cable storage solution which set it apart from other products.

This is not the first time that SmartCharge has been rewarded for its innovation, having previously been recognised as the best maintenance charger for car batteries by the Finnish car magazine Moottori and awarded both the ‘Design Excellence’ and the ‘Design for All’ awards by the Norwegian Design Council – now DOGA. The design jury was particularly impressed with the way the SmartCharge makes charging easily accessible for customer groups that have been apprehensive about using a battery charger at home in the past.

Since their release into the Australian and New Zealand market, the SmartCharge range has become popular with users in a wide range of applications such as cars, boats, motorbikes, scooters and lawnmowers. 

REDARC offer four SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers rated at 4, 68 and 10 amps and now offer a range of accessories that make recharging batteries even easier.

REDARC has partnered with Norwegian manufacturer DEFA, with both companies sharing similar values with a strong focus on continuous improvement, innovation and most importantly providing customers with great products of the highest quality.

The SmartCharge range of AC Battery Chargers and their accessories are covered by a 5-year warranty. You can visit the range here.

REDARC Electronics will be exhibiting at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo 4th-6th April and will feature their recently released products.

REDARC Electronics will be exhibiting at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo 4th-6th April and will feature their recently released products.

What battery charger do I need?

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