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BCDC vs Manager30 Guide

Staying off-grid can be super easy with the right equipment. Here at REDARC, we have taken it back to basics to explain our Manager30 and BCDC range, to keep you connected and fully charged up!

Choosing the right charger for your dual battery system

We're talking all things battery charging. Choosing the right charger for your dual battery system can be daunting, but we're breaking down all the different types and the setups they're perfect for.

Getting to know Ryan Thurston

As one of our first REDARC team members on the ground in the US, learn more about what makes Ryan Thurston a valuable member of the REDARC team.

Talking Vanlife with Scott Adamson

REDARC reached out to find out exactly how Scott from Comes With A View and The Wanderful goes about planning his new van builds and what modifications he trusts while living off-grid.

Getting to know Bri Voto

Making tracks as a woman in the 4WD scene, we had a chat to Bri Voto to get to know a bit more about her and find what drives her in 4WDing and life.

Go Off Road Like Roaming Lost

With all the comforts of home in the back of his ute, Roaming Lost’s John Kingston has designed his RAM to be the ultimate touring machine. REDARC had a chat to John to find out why he chose to kit out his rig the way he did.

How to choose the best vehicle battery charger: What's available?

Find out what dual battery system is best for your vehicle setup, we cover everything from solar panels to isolators in this thorough guide allowing you to spend extra time off the grid with your vehicle

Managing Power Supply with Shaun Whale

When Shaun’s out bush, visiting his favourite campsites and living out of his vehicle for the better part of a year, he needs to ensure he has endless 12-volt power for his home away from home. Find out how he does it.